Do you have footage to be edited into a Showreel?

We can help.

Every actor needs a Showreel.

We can create one for you, showcasing highlights of your work.

You just need to put all your footage on a USB and we'll cast the eagle eye over it all and select the best bits that highlight your talent. Of course, we're happy to take advice from you if you have some particular ideas. 

We will edit your footage, adding titles and written information and music. Depending upon your content, the Showreel would run for about two to three minutes. It can be longer, but remember that casting agents get fidgety! 

We would give it to you in a standard format (mp4, .mov), either on your USB, or electronically via We Transfer.

Price for the Showreel is $300. 

If we have created a Showreel for you in the past, it will be $150 to update it.

(And this is the voice of experience talking  -  this price doesn't include us spending hours searching for your material and downloading it from Youtube, Vimeo and various other places! That's your part!). 

We reserve the right to showcase your Showreel on our website. This is extra exposure for you too. 

Don't have enough footage for a Showreel?

We can help there, too. 

You can create your own footage!  We can film you in several short scenes, showing your versatility. We will give you the footage, as well as your Showreel.. 

We can assist with background footage where green screen is used, or we can go on location. 

Price:  $50 per hour

Need to record a monologue?

We can film and edit this for you. This can be against a plain background or a green screen with background of your choice. 

Price: $50 per hour

Talk to us about your needs

Dr Jay will be happy to have a chat with you about your requirements and ideas. 

Filming would occur against a curtained background or a green screened background of your choice at Greystanes in Sydney's west.