Dr Jay will come to your event and engage with your guests ... "Live" caricaturing is fun, and everyone takes home a special momento from the occasion.

Perfect for small wedding receptions, work parties, retirements, and any other occasion where you want to spoil your guests.


$20 per person (Black & White)

Minimum booking: 10 people

Each drawing takes between 7 & 10 minutes (it depends how many champagnes they've had!) 

If anyone misses out on the night, Dr Jay will take their photo, draw the picture, and email it the next day for the same $20 price. 

Travelling and accommodation costs may apply if the event is outside Sydney.  



If you don't want Dr Jay to attend your event, she can do caricatures of each of your guests by using their photo prior to the event. 

For $20 each person (Black & White) or $30 (Colour), and with your logo or name of the occasion on each picture, this makes a lovely gift for your guests. Print it, roll it, put a ribbon around it, and wait for the smiles!

Minimum order : 10