It's so much fun to order a caricature!

It's the best gift you can give anyone.

Just email a good quality close-up, smiling, photo of the subject ... and Dr Jay will do the rest.  Her caricatures are highly personalised and guaranteed to delight.



As you will see from the dozens of samples below, Dr Jay can draw in a variety of styles. 

Prices reflect the particular style. 

Some caricatures are fluid and more casual, and may take just a few hours to draw. Others, drawn very meticulously and precisely, can take two or three days.  

Dr Jay will tailor your picture just as you want it. 

Mostly Dr Jay doesn't exaggerate people's facial features, but if you would like a more exaggerated caricature, just ask.  

You'll love the experience of ordering a caricature. Customers always comment on the anticipation and excitement, waiting for their caricature to arrive. 

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What we need from You!

A clear, high resolution quality photo of the person's face. Smiling, of course!  ... like the picture above. 

If you want other items in the caricature, please send photos. 

The better the photo, the better the caricature.